The Pythagorean Theorem and Something Interesting

The Pythagorean Theorem is a truly remarkable mathematical formula with roots in the very distant past. Whether the first human to discover the formula did this by serendipity or by intent, he or she had a very happy smile when they were done. And sometimes things discovered in the past are lost or forgotten and later on someone else makes the same discovery. We should not be surprised since humans are very curious and determined creatures. And given that necessity is the mother of invention, anyone seriously investigating the properties of right triangles will find the Pythagorean Theorem inexorably linked to that geometry. And so the “Something Interesting” in this blog has to do the Great Pyramids of Egypt and, in particular, the construction of the Pyramid of Khafre. I send you my best wishes and hope you discover an important result someday. Work hard and make serendipity your friend. To see the details of today’s post, click on the button below to load the PDF file.